We can ship to nearly any address within the continental United States!

As you shop, you'll notice a vast majority of products on our site have an availability note indicating the estimated delivery time. When you place an order, we will follow up via email to confirm the estimated ship date and transit time for delivery to you. Of course, when your order ships we'll also provide tracking information to you via email.

A vast majority of items on our web site ship completely free! If an item does have a shipping cost, it will be calculated during checkout, and rarely exceeds 10% of the item cost.

When size allows, your items will ship via small package carriers like UPS and FedEx. For larger furniture items, we use standard LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers. For freight/LTL deliveries, you can expect what we would describe as a "curbside" delivery. The trucking company will contact you in advance via telephone to schedule the delivery. The truck will be equipped with a "lift gate" enabling the driver to lower the products to the ground and roll them as close to your residence or business as possible. Typically, it's best to plan to have assistance available if you're expecting larger items for these types of deliveries.

On many products, we also offer or even include "inside delivery" service. Like the standard shipping above, you can expect a call in advance to schedule delivery. Additionally, a two-person crew will bring your items inside your residence or business, and place the items in the room of your choice. Inside delivery service typically increases the overall shipping time by 3-5 business days!

Finally, many products also offer the option of adding assembly service. The process is very much like the inside delivery service, only the crew that delivers will also stay to complete the assembly of your products.

It's worth noting that Modicile realizes shipping furniture across the country is a difficult process, and that receiving these types of shipment can also be stressful. That's one of the reasons we insure every order that leaves our partner's warehouses! This extra cost gives you and us the piece of mind that, even if the shipment is damaged, and even if you don't sign for the damage, we've still got your back and can get it resolved at no cost to you!

Still have questions? Call us toll free at 888-I-LUV-MOD or email us at!