About Us


Putting a modern twist on your domicile.

What We're About

At Modicile, we're about finding unique contemporary and modern furniture designs. We don't carry everything like some of the big box places (you know who we're talking about). Instead we work with a small coterie of select modern furniture manufacturers, offering you a curated selection of designs we love.

We know there are lots of places that sell furniture online. But what those places lack are people that know furniture, people that go to the furniture markets and work with manufacturers and customers alike. That's what makes us different. When you call or email, you likely be reaching out to one of our owners.

Because we value that connection, we work to ensure that every experience you have with us is fantastic! That means we're concerned about more than just price. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with every single interaction, purchase and product every single time. And to do that we go beyond just low prices; we focus on value.

Who We Are

Kevin Co-FounderKevin Sykes
Co-Owner | Co-Founder of ModernDigs.com, Modicile.com

Kevin started working in modern furniture in 2000 in Austin, TX. Starting in the warehouse of a local furniture store, he's worked his way up over the past two decades, and has held nearly every position you can imagine, from delivery to parts ordering, to Director of E-Commerce.

In 2010, Kevin Co-Founded our parent site Modern Digs to create an online space where he could focus on offering products he'd want in his own home.

Modicile is part of his latest drive to create diversified spaces online suited to different customer's tastes and styles.

Alan Chasak
Co-Owner | Co-Founder of ModernDigs.com, Modicile.com

Alan spearheaded the redesign and launch of an Austin retailer's e-Commerce presence in 2000, before "selling stuff online" was even a thing. Alan's vision and insights built that local furniture retailer into a thriving mid-size business spanning Texas and Arizona.

In 2010, Alan left that company as COO and co-founded our parent site Modern Digs.